Thursday, August 9, 2012

Obama Slanders Romney as Murderer

That headline was a bit strong perhaps.  But maybe not.  The Other McCain had trouble with his headline on this story, too.

Here it is from Obama's SuperPAC:

The short version:  Mitt Romney is responsible for this guy's wife dying of cancer.  What's worse than having your wife die of cancer?  Politicizing your wife's death from cancer.  Especially when Romney left Bain two years before this guy, Coptic, was laid off, and when Coptic's wife continued to have health insurance from her own employer until her death five years later.

McCain covers the facts better than I could, so check it out there.

My take is simple.  We live in a country where the ends justify the means.  That's no longer a saying meant to be an insult, it's an official strategy.  Anything goes.  Liberals and Democrats should be ashamed of this, but liberals and Democrats are incapable of shame.  Instead, they take Pride -- with a capital P -- in their sins.  Look for the "Slander Pride Parade" coming to a Main Street near you soon.

And somebody will believe and remember this ad.