Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It's very much as though, following halftime in a basketball game, the opposing team has come out wearing football pads and helmets, 11 men instead of 5, formed a line of scrimmage, and is now busily tackling our center, guards and forwards, and carrying the ball instead of dribbling.  And our team is haughtily declaring our superiority in following the correct rules, while the score is run up against us, and our best players are sidelined and crippled.

The rules have changed.  Only fools are still playing by the old rules.  We will have to win according to the new rules even to have a chance of reinstating the old rules.

It's time for us to play by the rules our opponents are playing by.  Name-calling is a good example.  Even the mainstream press, even the president himself, has called Tea Party activists by the degoratory name of "tea-baggers".  "Tea-bagging", as what we used to call decent people have been forced to come to understand, is the playful name given by homosexuals to the practice of taking one's partner's testicles into one's mouth.  When they call you a "tea-bagger", they don't mean something nice.  Nor even neutral.

Much less do they mean anything nice when they react with name-calling to the slightest hint of opposition.  You can barely chat five minutes with most liberals before they'll ask if your opposition to President Obama isn't really because he's black.  That's the nicest way they have of calling you a racist, but they'll often just come out and say it.

Few homosexuals, or their supporters, can last as long as two minutes without calling you a bigot for opposing gay "marriage".

None of this is new.  Communists used to call capitalists, "running dogs."  Slave-owners had some pretty bad names for abolitionists, too, of which "religious extremist" was the mildest.

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

When he calls you a tea-bagger, call him a cocksucker.  Not just once.  Keep doing it and don't stop.

When he calls you a racist for opposing President Obama, call him a fascist.  Over and over again.

When they call you a bigot for opposing the gay agenda, call them fagots, or fudge-packers,  or limp-wristed.

Use your imagination.  Unleash the anger that their name-calling inspires in you.  Don't hold back.  Keep calling them names over and over, like cruel children in a schoolyard.  That's the level of discourse that they have chosen, that's the game that they asked for.  It's laughably simple to beat them at it.  Because most liberals in today's political discourse have the mentality of schoolyard bullies.  And schoolyard bullies, famously, cannot themselves stand being served a helping of what they dish out.

Of course it's distasteful.  It's a virtue in you that you would find name-calling distasteful.  Do not let your virtues be their weapons.  Your hospitality doesn't force you to open your home to robbers.  Your distaste at such childish tactics shouldn't require you to accept their insults without hitting back.  Don't disdain to tackle their quarterback.

Fight fire with fire.  When they call you names, call them names.  And just watch how fast they back down!